Sunday Night Open Thread: Happy Birthday, Melissa Ethridge


And she’s on tour, too.   Still too soon for me to be tempted by a very  indoor venue, assuming there were tickets to be had.   But these days, I’m just happy to see Happy Birthday! instead of R.I.P. on the Twitter timelines…



Day of Rest?

It’s been a long day for me working on the Balloon Juice site.  What did I miss here?

Besides the obvious loss of all our history (sob!) I can now mostly talk about what’s still missing on Balloon Juice as opposed to  listing what I have been able to get going.

I will say, though, that I found catcake, which makes me happy.  She is hanging out with her other cake friends, duckcake, pupcake, sea lion cake…  I think we may have the whole cake family back together.

The comment system looks a little different format-wise; there are boxes around the comments instead of just a horizontal line between them.  Not sure if that’s because they installed us on a later version of their theme or because we are missing the plugin they created for just for us with a bunch of specific stuff we wanted.  This isn’t the week to ask them about details, so I am just busy putting things back together in the environment we have.

We don’t have the rotating tag submission form or the site feedback form, but I’m sure those can be recreated again in time.

It is nice to have Balloon Juice looking like Balloon Juice again, and it won’t be long before we pack up camp to head back home.

Yesterday I planted the hydrangea I got in honor of my sweet Tucker, so I made sure to water that today, and I watered everything else in that bed because lots of stuff got moved around so that could get center stage.

What’s going on with you guys?



COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates: Saturday / Sunday, May 28-29


An ornate wooden memorial for Britain’s COVID-19 victims has been intentionally set alight in front of more than 10,000 people in Warwickshire.

A group of seven torchbearers including a reverend, and some of the people who worked on the structure, were specially selected to set the structure ablaze.

The 20m-high (65ft) wooden monument, called Sanctuary, was then burned to the ground just a week after it opened.

It had been a tribute to those who died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Artist David Best, who is known for large-scaled intricately carved structures at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert, designed the memorial, along with independent arts company Artichoke, which produced Sanctuary…

Continue reading…

Lawsuit Filed & Site Update

From Scout211 in the comments below:

I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but Bizbudding filed their lawsuit against 365 data centers yesterday. Here is a listing of the lawsuit but you have to get an account to read or download it.

The summary from, which also requires an account to read the whole thing.

The suit, backed by Glancy Prongay & Murray and Morgan & Morgan, alleges that 365 Data Centers failed to take reasonable and necessary precautions to detect, prevent and mitigate cyberattacks. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendant. The case is 3:22-cv-00715, Bizbudding, Inc.

ETA. The link to the filing broke the margin so I deleted it. Let me try again.

Link to the complaint.

72-page pdf file.

Above is the district court link. Hopefully this will not break the margin.

I am kind of hoping that the point of the lawsuit is to COMPEL “350” Data Centers to turn over the fucking backups.  Money in 10 years does us no good at all.

Scout211 and other attorneys who have an account and have access, what else does the lawsuit say?

Sort of related, I have been working on the Balloon Juice all day.

This is what I posted this morning:

Tuesday is the day we plan to go home to a SHELL of Balloon Juice.

We have the banner and the balloon guy. And the comment system, though I’m not entirely sure it’s functioning normally. We have tags that could rotate, but no tags. No pie filter. No forms.

It’s pretty much just the banner with the balloon guy, the comment system and tags that can rotate, but no tags.

But if they could only find 3 things, those are the 3 things I would have asked for.

I will put up a post later. Tuesday will be the day we go back.

I am happy to say that we now have 69 of our rotating tags rotating again.  Thanks to Wolvesvalley – I had enlisted her aid in finding rotating tags in the web archives.  Steep is taking second shift on that, looking for the remaining 40 or so rotating tags so I can add those back in, too.

Also, I have added the white menu bar again at the top and reconstituted those pages, and we now have everything up there again: About Us, Lexicon, Contact Us and the link to the Balloon Juice store.

I set up the footer, and reconstituted all of these pages, too:

Comment Policy
Our Published Authors
Our Artists & Artisans
Privacy Policy

I know you guys would have been bummed without the policies! 🙂

I had to reverse-engineer in order to figure out to get the On the Road form, some trial and error there, but now we have that, too!

I kept good notes during the site rebuild, so I knew we had 10 plugins that weren’t installed on the SHELL we got back last night, so I installed those, which gave us more functionality.

And we have the pie filter back, which appeared this afternoon.  I tried so many things today that I don’t know which thing brought that back, but I am so happy to see it.

Anyway, lots more work to be done tomorrow, but even with none of our old posts and old comments, I feel so much better today than I did when i saw the shell of the site last night.

I definitely shed some tears last night after I first saw the shell of the site, so I wanted to share some happy news today.

Saturday Evening Open Thread: New Talking Point, Y’All!

By the time Tucker Carlson does his next show — if not sooner — it’ll be received TROOF among the ammosexuals that the Uvalde massacre was sparked when filthy anti-freedom lie-brals gave an unhinged teenager a gun he wasn’t man enough to handle…


Soul-cleanser thread:


Houston Hunger Games (Open Thread)

Remember after the El Paso massacre when loathsome Donald Trump and the Third Lady visited the scene of the xenophobic hate crime Trump had inspired and posed for a campaign-style, thumbs-up photo with an orphaned infant? I didn’t think anything could top that stunt for sheer grotesquery.

Reader, I was wrong:

Could the scene get any worse than that — a repulsive buffoon mispronouncing the names of murdered children at a convention glorifying the murder weapons as an electronic bell tolls after Trump finishes mangling each precious child’s name?

Yes, reader. Yes it could:

I’m a professional word-having person, and I have no words.

But I do have a palate cleanser, and even though TaMara posted a version of the same incident here last night, I’m posting it again because I want to watch it on loop several times a day:

When I’m feeling optimistic, this scene is a great metaphor for how I think we’ll win: fed-up moms wrenching a megaphone out of a gun-humping goober’s hands and shooing him away in exactly the same way they’d run off a mangy raccoon that invaded a picnic.

Open thread.