Houston Hunger Games (Open Thread)

Remember after the El Paso massacre when loathsome Donald Trump and the Third Lady visited the scene of the xenophobic hate crime Trump had inspired and posed for a campaign-style, thumbs-up photo with an orphaned infant? I didn’t think anything could top that stunt for sheer grotesquery.

Reader, I was wrong:

Could the scene get any worse than that — a repulsive buffoon mispronouncing the names of murdered children at a convention glorifying the murder weapons as an electronic bell tolls after Trump finishes mangling each precious child’s name?

Yes, reader. Yes it could:

I’m a professional word-having person, and I have no words.

But I do have a palate cleanser, and even though TaMara posted a version of the same incident here last night, I’m posting it again because I want to watch it on loop several times a day:

When I’m feeling optimistic, this scene is a great metaphor for how I think we’ll win: fed-up moms wrenching a megaphone out of a gun-humping goober’s hands and shooing him away in exactly the same way they’d run off a mangy raccoon that invaded a picnic.

Open thread.