Saturday Evening Open Thread: New Talking Point, Y’All!

By the time Tucker Carlson does his next show — if not sooner — it’ll be received TROOF among the ammosexuals that the Uvalde massacre was sparked when filthy anti-freedom lie-brals gave an unhinged teenager a gun he wasn’t man enough to handle…


Soul-cleanser thread:


Houston Hunger Games (Open Thread)

Remember after the El Paso massacre when loathsome Donald Trump and the Third Lady visited the scene of the xenophobic hate crime Trump had inspired and posed for a campaign-style, thumbs-up photo with an orphaned infant? I didn’t think anything could top that stunt for sheer grotesquery.

Reader, I was wrong:

Could the scene get any worse than that — a repulsive buffoon mispronouncing the names of murdered children at a convention glorifying the murder weapons as an electronic bell tolls after Trump finishes mangling each precious child’s name?

Yes, reader. Yes it could:

I’m a professional word-having person, and I have no words.

But I do have a palate cleanser, and even though TaMara posted a version of the same incident here last night, I’m posting it again because I want to watch it on loop several times a day:

When I’m feeling optimistic, this scene is a great metaphor for how I think we’ll win: fed-up moms wrenching a megaphone out of a gun-humping goober’s hands and shooing him away in exactly the same way they’d run off a mangy raccoon that invaded a picnic.

Open thread.

Friday Late Afternoon Open Thread: NRA Protests

This journalist was denied access, despite having credentials.  So instead he covered the protests. I think his time was better spent there. Click on any of his tweets to read his full report.

Protesters chase away impotent white NRA supporter:

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Guest Post — Tony Jay: Met Abets Mr No Regrets But As Grey Rejects Then Place Your Bets…

On If The Party Ejects And Then Resets Before Britain Elects Part III (and last, for the moment) of this Letter from Brexitannia installment:

It was always, absolutely, definitely going to happen. The very nature of the beasts involved made it an exercise in Pavlovian inevitability, but by the citrus-flavoured kisses of the Man from Delmonte, literally the only way they could have been more blatant about it is if they’d tattooed “Laws R 4 Loozerz” on their shaven taints and performed this dance of the seven bullshits via the medium of naked synchronised swimming.

I speak, of course, of the decision made by the London Metropolitan Police Force, popularly known as The Met, the Order of Paramilitary Freemasons, Those Wacky Whitewashers, or just The Filth, to shit with great force and infinite contempt upon the very concept of blind justice by concluding Operation Hillman – their half-arsed ‘investigation’ into multiple incidents of alcohol fuelled rule-breaking at Number 10 Downing Street during the 2020 Lockdowns – with a final blast of Fixed Penalty Notices addressed to various low-level civil servants and nameless petty officials while somehow sparing any further embarrassment to that globulous splat of lardy vileness whose house it (currently) is, namely our esteemed (Sub)Prime Minister, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Now, you may ask, how is it even possible that 126 FPNs could be issued to people identified by The Met as being present at one or more of the 12 illegal gatherings they claimed to be investigating, but Flobalob, who was at 6 of them, only got a single FTN, and that for the “ambushed by a cake” surprise birthday party organised by his tardily legitimised [Spermbaker Apparent]… err, Wife Mark#3?

That’s a very good question, and so’s this one.

How could The Met justify fining, say, a junior assistant to the Prime Minister’s Permanent Private Secretary for being at the same illegal gathering as the Prime Minister without also fining the Prime Minister? How does that work, exactly? If the gathering is illegal, attendance is illegal. If all are equal before the eyes of the Law, how can some attendees be given fines while others (the hosts, in fact) escape unscathed?

Basically, because it’s The Met, baby. Protecting those with Establishment cred is what they do. Effectively it’s all they do. There’s nothing else. If you’re not wired into the In-Crowd by birth, wealth or patronage then The Met couldn’t give a single solitary fuckadoodle about you. In fact, if you’re not in the In-Crowd, then as far as they’re concerned, you’re nothing more than a potentially illegal trespasser within their metropolitan demesne who deserves, nay, demands, to feel the full majesty of the Law Unbound manifest around your head, neck and exposed kidneys in the form of an enthusiastically wielded truncheon, and that’s if they don’t just shoot you dead for being flagrantly brown. They’re not so much corrupt as they are misnamed. It’s not a Police Force per se, it’s a publicly funded private security militia with occupation duties over a city of 9 million sullen natives and a duty to serve and protect only the ‘right’ kind of people.

Because of that, it’s not like any of this is in the least bit surprising. Indeed, Flobalob knew and boasted back in April that he would only be investigated for 2 out of the 6 illegal gatherings he was known to have attended and had been assured he would only get one FPN. It was in the papers and everything.

So, who told him that, then? Continue reading…

(At Least It’s) Friday Morning Open Thread

Per Reuters:

The seven members of the South Korean boy band are known for their upbeat songs and dances and have built a loyal global fan base, winning the IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year crown in February for the second straight year.

The meeting comes as May’s recognition of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) month comes to a close amid a sharp upswing in hate crimes against Asian Americans in the past year. Attacks against people of Asian descent have escalated as some politicians and pundits have encouraged Americans to blame China for COVID-19, amid other tensions…

The K-pop stars are also known for using their lyrics and social campaigns aimed at empowering youngsters since debuting in 2013.

“Biden and BTS will also discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion and BTS’ platform as youth ambassadors who spread a message of hope and positivity across the world,” the White House said in its statement…

Spare a thought for the beleaguered workers at Marred-A-Largo, because in terms of Presidential Celebrity Adjacency,  I suspect BTS ranks at least as high as Kanye / Ye, and certainly much higher than Kid Rock and Ted Nugent in combination.  (Primal howl on No-Truth Social:  Those kids are so clean, so expensively clothed, why can’t we have stars that dress sharp like that?… )

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Update from the Jan. 6 Committee: Repubs, Still Covering for the Traitors


Cassidy Hutchinson, who worked under Meadows when he was former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, told the panel investigating the Capitol attack that she saw Meadows incinerate documents after a meeting in his office with Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.). A person familiar with the testimony described it on condition of anonymity.

The Meadows-Perry meeting came in the weeks after Election Day 2020, as Trump and his allies searched for ways to reverse the election results.

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Death Merchants & PR Staff (Open Thread)

A foreign correspondent covering American madness for SkyNews corners Ted Cruz on lax gun laws. Cruz hysterically repeats NRA/GOP talking points, then scurries away:

Well done, Mr. Stone (the journalist).

This weekend’s NRA shindig is still on in Houston. Trump, Cruz, Abbott, et al., are still scheduled to speak. But one of the death merchants who previously reserved a booth has pulled out: Daniel Defense, maker of the battlefield weapon that killed the children and teachers in this week’s carnage. From The Daily Beast:

[I]n the aftermath of Tuesday’s slaughter in Uvalde, Daniel Defense, is no longer slated to join all the other profiteers of violent death at this weekend’s NRA convention in Houston…

The now $100-million-a-year company was founded by 59-year-old Marty Daniel of Georgia. He started out making garage doors after flunking out of Georgia Southern University twice before finally graduating. A company history on its website suggests he might not have gone into guns if he had been a better golfer.

“Daniel Defense got its start because Marty’s golf game sucked. He would spend most of his free time unwinding on the golf course, until the day a friend invited him to shoot his AR,” the story says. “Every shot he fired filled him with a satisfaction he’d never before experienced. Marty would purchase his first AR this same year.”

Emphasis mine. Maybe he should close up shop, get lots of intensive therapy and work on his fucking short game again.

Open thread — any topic.

PS: Anyone else wondering how a barely 18-year-old high school drop out who worked at Wendy’s was able to purchase two guns that cost about $2K each? Daniel Defense has a “buy now, pay later” option. Maybe that’s how.

Thank you, Beto

Beto O’Rourke crashed Governor Abbott’s press conference in Uvalde, Texas today and dropped some truth bombs:

They kicked him out, but he wasn’t done:

Go Beto.

Open thread.