Day of Rest?

It’s been a long day for me working on the Balloon Juice site.  What did I miss here?

Besides the obvious loss of all our history (sob!) I can now mostly talk about what’s still missing on Balloon Juice as opposed to  listing what I have been able to get going.

I will say, though, that I found catcake, which makes me happy.  She is hanging out with her other cake friends, duckcake, pupcake, sea lion cake…  I think we may have the whole cake family back together.

The comment system looks a little different format-wise; there are boxes around the comments instead of just a horizontal line between them.  Not sure if that’s because they installed us on a later version of their theme or because we are missing the plugin they created for just for us with a bunch of specific stuff we wanted.  This isn’t the week to ask them about details, so I am just busy putting things back together in the environment we have.

We don’t have the rotating tag submission form or the site feedback form, but I’m sure those can be recreated again in time.

It is nice to have Balloon Juice looking like Balloon Juice again, and it won’t be long before we pack up camp to head back home.

Yesterday I planted the hydrangea I got in honor of my sweet Tucker, so I made sure to water that today, and I watered everything else in that bed because lots of stuff got moved around so that could get center stage.

What’s going on with you guys?